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9mm Interceptor

The interceptor line is Personal defense ammunition at its finest.

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90gr 9mm Has a Velocity of 1335 FPS out of a 4.6" barrel.

It also has 9 inches of penetration and opens to over 1.0" in diameter

Disclaimer: NOT suggested for revolvers at this time




90GR 9MM Projectiles
hand-loading instructions


Ballistic Machinist tries to put all important info out front and center.

If there is a known issue with any of our products we will do our best to let you know.

With the 9mm Interceptors, there is one pistol we need to address.

Sig P365

To be clear, our 9mm Interceptors are 100% reliable in the Sig P365.

The note on this pistol comes when unloading the pistol. Due to the compact size

of the 365 when ejecting an UNFIRED round. The round can hang up between the

slide and the top of the barrel. To clear a malfunction, rack the slide aggressively

and eject the round with enough force to avoid the hang-up. When unloading the pistol,

if you drop the mag 1st then rack the slide the round will drop through the grip.


We have found that some 9MM revolvers have tighter chambers then others. 

The 9MM Interceptors are safe to use in revolver. Every round we load is put through 

a case gauge the ensure it is within SAAMI specs. We suggest checking the

fitment in your revolver before placing large orders. All ammo sales are final

Reviews copied from Detroit Ammo Co before update:

Author: snicker5 11/19/23

5-star Review Comment: I had initially given a 1-star review, after some issues making contact with Ballistic Mach. They heard my fitment issue with my revolver, it was a first for them, not many 9mm revolver owners buying their stuff, my guess. They immediately looked into the issue and made up some more and sent it to me. Their efforts paid off, now their round is universal, and fits semis as well as my SP101 and Smith. Kudos to Christy!!! My new hero

Author: thesaltysailor41 12/11/23

5-Star Review Comment: Cycles excellent through all my firearms. Definitely will continue to buy. Look forward to 10mm and .45 ammo from here as well!!

Author: deadpan115 6/14/23

5-Star review Comment: Very good fit and function in all my semi autos. The 2 piece hybrid cases are a good step forward for high end ammunition. I look forward to buying more of this product.

Author: chassett1331 6/6/2023

5-Star review Comment:I bought these to run through my Glock 47 and my Ruger PC9. They have cycled without a flaw. I feel these will be an ideal defensive round based on the design. No worry of over-penetration, and with an inch + expansion it’s going to have some major knockdown. I feel confident in having these in my defensive guns, hope to never need them, but if needed I believe they will do the job.

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