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Our best slug for home defense

These slugs were designed mostly for CQB and home defense. The main body of the slug is aluminum with a 357 magnum bullet in the nose. The slots in the front of the slug will cause the slug to expand violently with the impact of soft tissue. Triggering the Petals to break up into ten parts if it hit one sheet of drywall.


At speeds up to 1700 FPS that makes this a very powerful and very effective home defense round. Due to the relatively lightweight of the slug, it has a very low recoil that can help with quicker follow-up shots if needed.


These slugs have only been tested in smoothbore shotguns at this point.

Ballistic Machinist 357 Defender slugs


Ballistic Machinist 357 Defender
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Ballistic Machinist 357 Defender
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