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380 Interceptor 

The interceptor line is Personal defense ammunition at its finest.

Check out the videos below. 

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75gr 380 Has a Velocity of 1200 FPS out of a 3.1" barrel.

It also has 8 inches of penetration and opens to over 0.75" in diameter


380 Interceptors are like jet fuel for your pocket rocket.

They were designed to give you peak power and expansion.

They will have your back in a self-defense situation.

Due to the expansion and penetration profile, it minimizes the chance of collateral damage.

Below you will find velocity data and other important information. 

Performance data

Posted ballistic data of 1200FPS was tested at 70 DEG with a SIG P365-380 (3.1" barrel)

Here is a list of ballistic data for 16 380 pistols. This test was done in the low 30's the cold temperature

results in a 5% reduction in velocity. We have listed the temperature adjusted number's as well.

Kel-Tec P3AT 2.7" barrel

As tested 1025 FPS 175 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1077 FPS 193 FT. LBS

Beretta Pico 2.7" barrel

As tested 1078 FPS 193 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1131 FPS 213 FT. LBS

Sig P239 2.7" barrel

As tested 1104 FPS 203 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1160 FPS 224 FT. LBS

Kimber Micro 2.75" barrel

As tested 1144 FPS 218 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1202 FPS 241 FT. LBS

Ruger LCP II 2.75" barrel

As tested 1105 FPS 204 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1161 FPS 224 FT. LBS

Ruger LCP Max 2.75" barrel

As tested 1100 FPS 201 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1155 FPS 222 FT. LBS

Taurus Spectrum 2.8" barrel

As tested 1076 FPS 193 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1130 FPS 213 FT. LBS

Remington RM 380 2.9" barrel

As tested 1113 FPS 206 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1168 FPS 227 FT. LBS

SCCY CPX-4 2.96" barrel

As tested 1113 FPS 206 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1168 FPS 227 FT. LBS

SIG P365-380 3.1" barrel

As tested 1141 FPS 217 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1198 FPS 239 FT. LBS

Glock 42 3.25" barrel

As tested 1119 FPS 209 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1175 FPS 230 FT. LBS

Ruger Security 3.4" barrel

As tested 1177 FPS 231 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1236 FPS 254 FT. LBS

Walther CCP M2 3.54" barrel

As tested 1187 FPS 235 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1246 FPS 259 FT. LBS

Browning Black Label 3.625" barrel

As tested 1230 FPS 252 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1291 FPS 278 FT. LBS

S&W Shield EZ 3.675" barrel

As tested 1177 FPS 231 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1237 FPS 255 FT. LBS

Rock Island Baby Rock 3.75" barrel

As tested 1219 FPS 248 FT. LBS

Adjusted  1280 FPS 273 FT. LBS


Ballistic Machinist tries to put all important info out front and center.

If there is a known issue with any of our products we will do our best to let you know.

With the 380 Interceptors, there are two pistols we need to note.


  Rock Island Baby Rock

The slide release has a large lip that interferes with the large 

hollow point and causes the next round to jam most of the time.

We can not recommend our ammo in this pistol.


Glock 42

The G42 will not chamber the round if you use the slide release.

However, it will work if you pull the slide back and let it go.

We have also found some mags work better than others. 

Currently testing a DPM Systems recoil Reduction system to boost reliability. 

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